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    This interview seeks to clarify the myths and realities surrounding AI, offering a balanced perspective to readers keen on understanding the potential and pitfalls of artificial intelligence in modern society.
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    In the dynamic world of technology, each breakthrough and blunder carries its own narrative. Today, we explore the archives to present some of the most astonishing anecdotes from the IT world.
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    As a sector, property and especially property rental marketplaces, is exciting for software developers and entrepreneurs. It’s always going to be a growth area. Money can always be made from property, and one of the most exciting things right now is finding new ways to innovate around existing concepts. Concepts such as real estate marketplaces,…
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    With new COVID-19 reality working from home sometimes can be extremely difficult and uncomfortable. But if you read this post it means that you’re full-grown person, and apparently know that staying inside will not only help doctors and nurses to flatten the curve but also successfully heal more people. Here are a few tips that…
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    In 2014 1.4 billion of people donated more than $300 billions to NGOs, Religious organizations, Volunteering, Animal Welfare, etc. 72% of funds were donated by Individuals, while corporations donate only 5%. The number of people who are willing to donate is growing from year to year. But how do we recognize this contribution? Is there…