Stay honest with each other

Team building is based on mutual respect. Thanks to this respect we can work together and understand each other without the need for words. At LaSoft respect for a person doesn’t depend on their social position as it can be in companies with a hierarchical structure. Our structure is more horizontal, where everyone has a chance to easily solve issues in minutes. We express respect by trust, understanding, open-mindedness, and cooperation.



Trust starts with truth and ends with truth

Trust is one of the key values of our company. We trust in the personal and professional qualities of our employees, including in the decisions they make. We offer freedom of choice within the competency field and know for sure that a trusting atmosphere shapes a healthy working environment within the company.


Spirit of adventure

Adventure is worthwhile in itself

We know that a strong desire to learn and discover is the key to success. The main thing is to be always open to new ideas and to explore the world as a child does. The world is dynamic: everything changes so fast. New experience expands an understanding of the world and helps one see more than others who do not have that experience. When you cease to learn you will lose competitiveness.



Speak the truth and act truthfully

Openness and a desire to share experience are the basis for professional growth. Transparency implies honesty. We are not afraid to stay honest with each other no matter what. We can come up with joint decisions and count on the help from colleagues. What we have learned is that honesty helps us find the answers we’re looking for. We aim for transparency in communication and actions without compromising the truth.



Together everyone achieves more

People represent the most significant value of our company and are the driving force behind our growth. We are open to employees’ opinions and the stimulation of healthy debate. We do our best to create an atmosphere of warmth and welcome to everyone who abides by our principles. Our team is supportive and caring for one another, personally as well as professionally.


New experience

The only source of knowledge is experience

Our values & principles guide us; we are not interested solely in becoming richer and accumulating money. Sometimes we invest time in non-profitable projects just because of the new experience and to support someone’s worthy idea. With the help of such projects, we build our core competencies.