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Assessing Risks in Engaging with Russian Software and Technology

In the complex tapestry of global geopolitics, the burgeoning IT sector in Russia has emerged as a focal point of contention, particularly in the wake of the nation’s recent aggressive postures towards Western countries and Ukraine. This article aims to examine the multifaceted risks associated with using Russian software and the dangers of engaging with Russian software companies amid barbaric aggression and escalating tensions.

What is AML/KYC and PEPs? And why every fintech startup should be aware of those regulations?

These days things are changing extremely fast. Only yesterday we were able to buy and sell things freely and in the online mode. But today almost any online business requires KYC and other policy requirements. If you want to stay tuned and earn profit by using those policies, then you have to definitely check the following blog post! Know Your Client (KYC)   The Know Your Client is common to the financial sphere and ensures investment advisors know detailed information

What is general data protection regulation?

All our interactions with the Internet are about exchanging data. We go online to get information, but we also have to be ready to give our personal details. So does it mean that any service can use personal information of the user if he gets to interact with it? It has been so, but the changes are coming in the form of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Let’s find out what it implies and how it may impact your