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Software project estimation service

Get an accurate project estimation 10 times faster using a unique AI-based solution covering data from 500+ software project estimates.

Our team offers you an accurate and reliable budget and timeline estimation fast. History-based estimation will be provided within days, not weeks.

How it works

  • Upload your Brief

  • Discovery Interview

  • System Design & Architecture Session

  • Project Planning & Estimation Session

We help entrepreneurs, founders, and consultants who want to estimate the cost of software development. Software Project Estimation Service is a unique solution based on data from 500+ projects that help our managers calculate the exact cost and duration of a project.

We aren’t like other software development companies that only promise to develop a product cheaply and in a short period. Instead, we determine the actual cost and duration of the project as well as suggest the most appropriate technology, system design, proper project planning, and ways to reduce costs without compromising the quality of the system.

fixed cost project development

As soon as we estimate a project, it is developed at a fixed price.