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Author: Mykhailo Sheludko

Exploring Staff Augmentation in Software Development

Staff Augmentation

Today, we’re tackling a topic that’s revolutionizing the way companies build and manage their tech teams – Staff Augmentation in Software Development. In an industry where technology evolves at lightning speed, staying agile and adaptable isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity. That’s where staff augmentation comes into play. It’s a strategy that’s helping businesses across the globe to not just keep up, but to lead in the competitive tech arena. But what exactly is staff augmentation? How is it

AI and Software Development: Collaboration or Replacement?

AI and Software Development

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, the question of whether artificial intelligence (AI) will replace human software developers has become a topic of both curiosity and concern. While AI has made significant strides in automating certain aspects of software development, the relationship between AI and human developers is evolving into a dynamic collaboration rather than an outright replacement.

HR Software Integration Systems: Finch and Merge

HR Software Integration Systems

Different integration systems play a crucial role in HR software integration. HR software integration involves connecting different HR software systems so that they can exchange data and work seamlessly together. To achieve this, organizations often use integration systems such as APIs, middleware, and integration platforms.

The Benefits and Best Practices of Integrating Different HR Software Types

HR software integration

There are several types of HR software available on the market, each designed to address specific HR management needs. Some of the most common types of HR software include: applicant tracking systems (ATS), human resource information systems (HRIS), payroll software, performance management software, learning management systems (LMS), time and attendance software, benefits administration software, employee engagement software, compliance software and so on.

ChatGPT considers Ukraine “capable of competing on a global scale”

Ukrainian software

There is a trend in the Ukrainian software market to try and test the recently announced ChatGPT bot — an AI conversation tool, which can systematize information from open sources, put it in order and even generate certain plausible conclusions. Driven by curiosity, we asked a few questions about the Ukrainian software development industry and found the answers to be pretty interesting to share.