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How to track user’ clicks on the website’ buttons and links?

Let’s play a game! Imagine, you have a huge e-commerce store, or online catalog, or website portfolio. Things are going very well, every day hundreds (or even thousands) users visit your website, spent some time and then left, without any conversion action. What should you need to do, or change in order to return those visitors and to track their online behavior in the future? The general action plan included a huge list of steps, including all of the marketing

Payment Solutions For Marketplace

Many entrepreneurs pay a lot of attention to marketing technology and product issues when launching a marketplace while organizing convenient and efficient payment flows is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks. Without the proper organization of financial transactions, your online platform is unlikely to be efficient. What should you pay attention to? An important aspect that needs to be paid attention to is the conversion or, in other words, the possibility of making a deal “right here and now”.