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Author: Andriy Tatchyn

How Much Does It Cost to Create an MVP?

Starting your digital business with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a reasonable solution if you want to avoid risks and test your idea before developing a fully-fledged product. It all translates into saving your money and time and maximizes the chances for your project to succeed. Given that 90% of startups fail, building a Minimum Viable Product cost efficiently is a must to make a proof for your online businesses. However, MVP building is also a financial investment. So

Offshore or nearshore web development: What’s the best option?

Nearshore software development

When getting software developed, you need an agency that will deliver. A reliable agency, a partner in technology, and one that’s going to work well with your processes, team and values. As part of picking the right web development partner, you might wonder whether to offshore or nearshore this work? Another option is to onshore the work, which means picking an agency in your home country, or very close to home. But compared to the offshore or nearshore options, onshore

LaSoft tech stack | Technology reviews

What is a tech stack? A tech stack is defined as the set of technologies an organization uses to build a web or mobile application. It is a combination of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, patterns, servers, UI/UX solutions, software, and tools used by its developers. Read more about the most popular technologies, that wildly used in LaSoft’s daily programming life and it’s comparing in the following tables.

Dedicated team model | LaSoft view. Part #1

Dedicated team

Outsourcing in a nutshell – Why to outsource The new globalized economy opens new opportunities and new options to organize a business. There are many reasons why more and more companies decide to outsource some of their projects or processes overseas, and the cost in many cases is not the main reason today. I have prepared a list of reasons why our professionals all over the world go with outsourcing. Much wider access to specific knowledge and expertise that the

Expenses on Project IT infrastructure during the development stage

So you have decided to order a WebApp from a web development agency (or you might have already made an order). You are a client, and nobody expects you to know all the intricacies of the process. But what can be really helpful for your further communication is to know who is who in a Web development team that is in charge of your project. With a set of 3 articles I will try to explain a Web Development in

Custom Dashboards: Why Are They so Helpful?

How do you make your own dashboard

As our world becomes ubiquitously connected, companies are producing more data than ever before. And, deriving actionable insights from this data deluge is mission critical for ensuring solid business processes. To make the most of data, we should begin with the technical capability to analyze and visualize the data, thus, employ custom dashboard software.

Can we do a better job while saying “Thank you” to those who donate?

Donor Recognition Program

In 2014 1.4 billion of people donated more than $300 billions to NGOs, Religious organizations, Volunteering, Animal Welfare, etc. 72% of funds were donated by Individuals, while corporations donate only 5%. The number of people who are willing to donate is growing from year to year. But how do we recognize this contribution? Is there a way to do a better job while saying THANK YOU? Our team made a small discovery of classical donor recognition tools and discovered new