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How to develop a real estate application, like Zillow or Trulia?

Real estate applications, such as Zillow and Trulia, are big business. Real estate, as in property, whether rentals, or homes for sale, or commercial property is the biggest business in the world. As an asset class, property and real estate dwarfs everything. A home is the most valuable thing the majority of people who can afford to buy one will ever own, as an asset. Rental prices are so high in so many cities and towns around the world that

Property rental marketplaces: How to develop a new Zillow or Trulia?

As a sector, property and especially property rental marketplaces, is exciting for software developers and entrepreneurs. It’s always going to be a growth area. Money can always be made from property, and one of the most exciting things right now is finding new ways to innovate around existing concepts. Concepts such as real estate marketplaces, where the market leaders are Zillow and Trulia. In this article, we will take a closer look at those, and consider ways entrepreneurs can innovate