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IT Outsourcing to Ukraine: Risk or an Opportunity?

Despite the ongoing unprecedented changes posed by the full-scale Russian invasion, Ukraine’s IT sector remains operational and thriving. Although the situation is challenging, the country is going through a testament to the spirit of the Ukrainians and their unwavering commitment to excellence and progress in any professional field. Ukrainian IT companies continue to attract clients globally, offering highly skilled experts, cost-effective services, English proficiency, and a solid intent to innovate changes in the world community. Ukrainian software development companies continue

Top Software Development Vendors in Ukraine

When it comes to selecting a software development vendor, we know there is a lot of choice, and choice can be overwhelming. Especially when you are hundreds or thousands of miles away. Unlike software companies at home, you may never meet any of the developers working on your project in Ukraine. How do you choose the best software development vendors in Ukraine for your next software project? We recommend considering a number of factors. Such as the following: Do they

Web and Mobile Team Development Campaigns and Tools

Whether a web development company is developing a website, mobile app, database, dashboard, or other technology solution, there is always a tech stack involved. A tech stack is a series, or layers of tools and solutions used to develop websites and applications. Solutions and tools such as programming or coding languages, frameworks, libraries, patterns, software, servers, UI/UX solutions, and tools used to bring all of this together and create the end-result. In most web development companies, such as LaSoft, the