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Author: Alena Porokh

Nearshore as the Answer to IT Talent Shortage in Europe

In recent years, the software development industry has significantly shifted towards nearshoring. With its attractive business environment, abundant talent pool, and cultural affinity, Eastern Europe and Baltic Countries have emerged as leading destinations for nearshore software development services. Eastern European countries offer numerous benefits to companies seeking to outsource their software development projects, including cost-effectiveness, communication ease, access to skilled talent, time zone proximity, and strict data protection laws. Among the top nearshore outsourcing destinations in Europe, Poland, Ukraine, Romania,

Building Software Products: The Team’s Guide to Product Discovery

Many startup founders often discover they have made false assumptions about the users’ real needs after the software product’s release. And that’s a disaster. You have invested your money in a product that doesn’t meet the user’s expectations. So it can never be successful on the market. The LaSoft team’s advice is not to neglect the product discovery stage, as it is vital in software development and greatly increases the product’s chances of success. The product discovery stage goals are

Does Software Development in Switzerland Need Nearshore as a Solution?

Nearshore has become an increasingly popular business practice for many companies worldwide. By transferring some of their operations to locations closer to their home country, businesses can lower costs, reduce risks, and enhance their competitiveness. Switzerland is no exception. The country has been exploring the potential of nearshore, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, with its high labor, rental, and operational costs. But is nearshore the solution that Switzerland needs? We will consider the pros and cons of nearshore in Switzerland

Software Development Trends and Predictions for 2024

In 2024 the software development industry will face rapid technological advancement as well as new security challenges. The importance of evaluating risks, testing continuously & ensuring compliance is essential prior to full-scale product deployment. Software development is transforming the way we live in the future. This year we witnessed obsession over AI/ML resulting from generative artificial intelligence. The focus of the year remained on finding an optimal balance between efficiency and security.