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Top Software Development Vendors in Ukraine

When it comes to selecting a software development vendor, we know there is a lot of choice, and choice can be overwhelming. Especially when you are hundreds or thousands of miles away. Unlike software companies at home, you may never meet any of the developers working on your project in Ukraine.

How do you choose the best software development vendors in Ukraine for your next software project?

We recommend considering a number of factors. Such as the following:

  • Do they have experience in our sector/niche? 
  • Have they delivered on similar projects? 
  • What size companies have they worked for? 
  • Do they have experience working alongside in-house software teams? 
  • Have they won any/many awards, what recognition do they have? 
  • Do they have a list of happy clients? 
  • Does it look like they can deliver on-time and budget? 

Picture 1. Factors for choosing best software vendor.

Plus any other internal considerations, or technical requirements that internal IT leaders know are important when working with an external software vendor (such as experience with specific technology; e.g. Ruby on Rails).

With the above in mind, in this article we are going to take a look at some of the top software vendors in Ukraine, according to Clutch.

Before we continue, you might be wondering, why should we trust Clutch with something so important? Although there are other B2B customer review platforms, Clutch is the largest and therefore most widely trusted and respected. It has 150,000 agencies listed in 500 categories, with an active user-based of over 500,000 customers looking for software agency partners (and other B2B service providers), with tens of thousands of verified reviews. 

Picture 2. Main software development vendors in Ukraine.

It serves as a valuable review-based and data-driven platform for selecting B2B service providers around the world, which makes it easier for companies to trust software vendors. Now let’s take a look at some of the top software vendors in Ukraine. 


#1: Itransition

Itransition is a large software engineering company, with offices in Ukraine, alongside a head office in Denver, Colorado, and a sales office in London, England. It was founded in 1998, and includes a team of over 2,200 software developers and technology specialists.

At present, they have delivered over 1,500 projects during the 20 years they’ve been around, and have worked with some global brands and companies. Awards and recognition include being top on a Clutch leaderboard, and numerous other awards over the years. 


#2: Intetics

Intetics is another large and well-established software vendor, with a leading position on a Clutch leaderboard, alongside numerous other awards. Founded in 1995, with a head office in Naples, Florida, and 10 other offices around the world, including a software development and R&D office in Ukraine. According to Clutch, “Intetics is ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 27001 (security) certified and a Microsoft Gold, Amazon, and Google Partner.” 


#3: eTeam

eTeam is better equipped for smaller, more agile and startup projects. With a San Francisco-based head office and a development office in Ukraine, eTeam can handle the complete software development life-cycle. Only founded in 2016, they’ve been recognised on Clutch and have won several other awards. Clients include VanillaDirect Pay, InComm, Bluesnap, Genie, and Taksware. 


#4: LaSoft

Launched in 2014, in Lviv, Ukraine, as a startup software company, we now have 16 remotely distributed and co-located teams with over 100 software developers and engineers supporting our clients. LaSoft has so far delivered over 85 software projects, with clients in the US, Canada, Netherlands, Israel and UK.

LaSoft is delighted that our work has been recognised so quickly. Not only on Clutch, as a Top B2B Company, in 2020. Also on GoodFirms, as a Top Web Development Company.

On DesignRush, LaSoft is recognised as the Best Ruby on Rails Agency. And on TopDevelopers, LaSoft is recognised as one of the best for Web and Python development. For ourselves and clients, it feels like we are just getting started. Hopefully other awards and recognition will land in time.

At LaSoft, our focus is on the overall success of our clients. This means we factor everything in when designing and developing a project, to ensure it aligns with business goals that support the growth objectives of customers. Services also include in-house UX/UI design, to ensure that every project is designed with the end-user in mind. Our teams are also experts in analytics and dashboard design, making sure that customers can tap into and benefit from that data that exists in databases and across multiple sources.

Picture 3. LaSoft company.

LaSoft is a web and mobile agency you can trust to deliver. A technology partner for businesses and projects of every size. 


#5: Intellias

Intellias is one of the few on the Clutch leaderboard based in Lviv, Ukraine. It was founded in 2002, and offers global digital consultancy for Fortune 500 companies, alongside outsourced software teams and engineering services. Alongside Clutch, it has won numerous awards and is a recognised leader in a number of areas.

Naturally, we would recommend LaSoft, as a technology partner you can trust for mobile and web development. We can operate effectively as an outsourced development team, an extension of your internal resources and talent pool.

LaSoft: Your web and mobile development agency. We are a technology partner you can trust. Get more information today. LaSoft provides a wide range of services, including web and mobile development, product design, management and quality assurance.

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