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Why Digital Product Development Companies Excel over Software Outstaffing and Outsourcing Vendors

Why do digital product development companies always develop better products than software outstaffing and outsourcing vendors?

Understanding your goals and using the proper tools to achieve them, is the way of  getting the results you desire.

When it comes to software development, choosing the right vendor can significantly impact the quality and success of your product. There are a huge number of different software development companies, and sometimes it’s not easy to pick the right one as your vendor. In this article, I will explain what type of vendors exist on the market today, and how to pick the right one that fits your needs. To differentiate vendors, I will try to explain their goals and their capabilities.

Outstaffing Vendors/Platforms

Outstaffing vendors provide you with IT staff on a lease for a specific period of time. Their primary goal is to find the optimal and good fit team for your project. While they excel at quickly sourcing skilled professionals, their involvement is limited to team acquisition. They do not care a lot about the final result as you are the one who is responsible for processes and the management of the staff that you’re hiring. They are good at finding decent people fast, but the final result of the work you develop is out of their scope. The final outcome and success of your product largely depend on your own processes and oversight.

deliver a team
Outstaffing Vendors/Platforms option: (A) Customer; (B) Result

Outsourcing Vendors

Outsourcing vendors offer a more comprehensive range of services compared to outstaffing vendors. They have well-established processes and skilled teams capable of handling various aspects of software development. They can gather requirements, create UI/UX designs, develop the product, and even host it in a cloud environment. Outsourcing companies offer a way more than outstaffing vendors and platforms, but their scope is still limited. They take responsibility for the technical aspects of your software, but the success of your business is outside the scope for them.

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Outsourcing Vendors option: (A) Customer; (B) Result

Digital Product Development Companies

Digital product development companies possess the capabilities of outsourcing vendors but go beyond simply delivering software. They take a holistic approach, considering not only the technical aspects but also the market research, target audience, value propositions, business and revenue models, hypotheses, and testing. While they cannot guarantee the success of your business in 100% of cases, your success is in the scope of their offer, and they increase your chances of success drastically.

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Product Development Companies option: (A) Customer; (B) Result


Digital product development companies prioritize understanding your business goals and aligning their development efforts accordingly. By conducting thorough market research and user analysis, they gain valuable insights into your target audience and tailor the product to their needs. This customer-centric approach helps create products that resonate with users and generate positive business outcomes.

Choosing a digital product development company offers distinct advantages. With their comprehensive approach encompassing market research, user analysis, and business considerations, these companies have a higher likelihood of delivering successful products that align with your overall business objectives. Their expertise in understanding the market, identifying user needs, and optimizing value propositions can significantly increase the chances of your product’s success in the competitive digital landscape.

LaSoft is a digital product development company that delivers 98% of the projects to the market, and 51% of our clients achieve amazing business results. Some of our clients sell products we develop together with a good margin, while others double the revenue several years in a row after working with LaSoft.


While both outstaffing and outsourcing vendors have their merits, digital product development companies offer a more comprehensive and integrated approach. By considering not only the technical aspects but also market research, user analysis, and business considerations, these companies enhance the chances of creating a successful and impactful product. Collaborating with a reputable digital product development company like LaSoft can significantly increase the potential for business growth and positive outcomes.

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