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What’s the best choice for an app: Ionic vs. React Native?

When getting an app developed, one of the most important choices in the early-stages is the coding language and platform it’s built on.  Apps always start as ideas. Blank canvases for businesses to offer a range of solutions and features that customers want and need. One of those choices for the coding language is between Ionic and React Native. For many businesses, whether B2C or B2B, or two-sided marketplaces, apps play a crucial role in providing and delivering products or

Native vs. Hybrid for mobile app development: What to choose?

When a business needs an app developing, there are a wide number of choices to be made in the discovery stage. That’s when everything is a blank canvas. One of those choices is which technological route to take, which means native vs. hybrid mobile app development. If you are wondering what native vs. hybrid means, then this article is for you. We will outline what they both mean, and how making this choice at the blank canvas stage can influence

Web and Mobile Team Development Campaigns and Tools

Whether a web development company is developing a website, mobile app, database, dashboard, or other technology solution, there is always a tech stack involved. A tech stack is a series, or layers of tools and solutions used to develop websites and applications. Solutions and tools such as programming or coding languages, frameworks, libraries, patterns, software, servers, UI/UX solutions, and tools used to bring all of this together and create the end-result. In most web development companies, such as LaSoft, the