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How to hire software developers in Ukraine?

Ukraine is without a doubt, one of the best countries in the world to hire software developers for your next IT, software and web development project. When it comes to recruiting Ukrainian developers, we know the talent pool can’t be beat for technical skills, knowledge and experience, training and understanding the business case for every project.

Software developers in Ukraine, whether they’re freelance or work for a development agency, and therefore are part of a dedicated team, are amongst the best in the world. With a dedicated development team from LaSoft, you can rely on them to deliver, every time.

If you are looking for a dedicated development team, or a software development company, look no further than Ukraine. In this article, we look at the advantages of outsourcing or offshoring work to Ukraine.

Talent Pool

Generally speaking, IT and software graduates tend to live or move to one of the three key cities — Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv — where there are outsourcing companies. There are around 160,000 software developers, and those with specialist IT skills, such as Big Data and AI, with 15,000 more graduating every academic year.

That’s an impressive talent pool! And one of the main reasons US, UK, European and companies from other countries around the world outsource work to Ukraine.

Given the size of the talent pool, that generates a natural network effect. Developers earn experience early in their careers which benefits them as they move from company to company. It’s also why there are numerous startups in the region now, with that number growing every year, and founders who started companies more than ten years ago investing in a new generation of startups. Creating a naturally and self-supporting ecosystem, which is also serving to attract international investment and interest.

All of this strengthens the talent pool in the country, as there are now numerous ways for graduates to get a foothold on the career ladder. Which means that employers have to compete for the best talent. However, at the same time, it means that IT and software graduates need to work hard to get recruited by the best companies.

Picture 1. Talent pool in ukrainian IT.

Worth Ethic

When it comes to the work ethic of developers in Ukraine, we know from extensive experience, that these are unrivalled. Most developers speak up to three languages. Usually Ukrainian, Russian and for business and career purposes, often English too. This is usually at intermediate, or upper-intermediate level, and is usually pretty proficient when it comes to those on the team who interact directly with clients.

Plus developers have learned at least one or more coding languages over the course of their career. Often, on dedicated software teams, such as the sort LaSosft can provide, there are a range of skills and coding abilities on a team.

Compared to other regions of the world, Ukrainians are more upfront about project timescales, costs and expectations. This also means it’s easier to work together, and also one of the reasons some major global companies have located R&D and software development offices in Ukraine. Companies such as Samsung, Siemens, Ericsson, Yandex, Magento, and Huawei.

Reliable Software Development Service Providers

Software developers, especially those in dedicated outsourced teams, want to establish long-term working relationships with clients. Companies around the world trust LaSoft to provide a distributed development model, so that the developers are effectively an outsourced extension of in-house teams. 

Development teams in Ukraine have the skills and experience you need to work on a wide range of projects. Whether you need a mobile application, a UX/UI design overhaul, web development, or analytics dashboards, can support you in every way.

Despite some political instabilities, Ukraine is more stable and democratic than neighbouring countries, such as Belarus, Moldova, and the Russian Federation. Generally speaking, what happens in the political realm rarely affects the software and IT industry, especially with so many international companies and clients involved in this space. Reliability is one of the main advantages of working with dedicated development teams in Ukraine.

Picture 2. Reliable software providers.

Experience working with US companies 

In Ukraine, you would struggle to find a developer and software company that didn’t have experience working with US companies and on projects for US clients. A lot of projects come in from across Europe, and further afield, such as Australia, but the majority come from the US. 

At least 80% of work being outsourced comes from the US, and before the pandemic senior developers and team members would sometimes travel to meet clients in-person. Or clients would come over and meet teams in-person too. That’s likely to continue after this pandemic, and projects continue to be outsourced to Ukraine, despite what’s going on in the world. 

Generally speaking, the workforce in the software and IT sector is young, proactive, and forward-thinking. With a strong work ethic, and open way of engaging with clients, and a focus on solving problems and meeting client expectations, all of this is a major advantage when delivering on projects for US companies. There is also a consistent focus on achieving the business goals of clients, and understanding the needs of the end-user.

As many other companies have found over the years, software developers in Ukraine are reliable and provide a consistently excellent level of service and problem solving. At LaSoft, we provide a wide range of services for clients across the world, including mobile and web development, design, and quality assurance.

Picture 3. US companies outsourcing experience.

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