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UK Skills Shortage in Tech: How To Fill the Gap With Nearshore Teams

The world has witnessed global competition for tech talents for the past few years. And the tendency is growing at a significant pace. The UK is at a pivotal moment in its technology sector, facing a daunting skills shortage in UK due to a global shortage of technology and science-skilled workers. However, the country also faces an “economically inactive people” phenomenon. As of 2022, 22% of working-age people in England, Scotland, and Wales were out of work and not looking

Does Software Development in Switzerland Need Nearshore as a Solution?

Nearshore has become an increasingly popular business practice for many companies worldwide. By transferring some of their operations to locations closer to their home country, businesses can lower costs, reduce risks, and enhance their competitiveness. Switzerland is no exception. The country has been exploring the potential of nearshore, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, with its high labor, rental, and operational costs. But is nearshore the solution that Switzerland needs? We will consider the pros and cons of nearshore in Switzerland

How to hire software developers in Ukraine?

Ukraine is without a doubt, one of the best countries in the world to hire software developers for your next IT, software and web development project. When it comes to recruiting Ukrainian developers, we know the talent pool can’t be beat for technical skills, knowledge and experience, training and understanding the business case for every project. Software developers in Ukraine, whether they’re freelance or work for a development agency, and therefore are part of a dedicated team, are amongst the

WebApp development team structure: roles and responsibilities

So you have decided to order a WebApp from a web development agency (or you might have already made an order). You are a client, and nobody expects from you to know all the intricacies of the process. But what can be really helpful for your further communication is to know who is who in a Web development team that is in charge for your project.