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Benefits of outsourcing mobile app and web development into Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the best countries in the world for web software outsourcing. Ukraine is known for website and mobile outsourcing work too, with projects being completed to high levels of specification for clients in the US, Europe, UK, and around the world. 


For web and mobile development, we know developers in Ukraine can’t be beat for several reasons. Ukraine boasts a strong, deep and extensive talent pool. For the past few decades, especially since the end of the Cold War, there has been extensive outside investment and interest in Ukraine from international businesses and investors.

Software developers can work with overseas companies in a number of ways. If you only have a small project that needs working on, you could recruit a freelancer. However, for many companies with more extensive needs, the most popular format is an outsourced dedicated team. Especially when web and mobile apps are being developed, often in coordination and working with an internal IT and engineering team.

When it comes to outsourced mobile and app web development, Ukraine is an ideal country to outsource technical work to, and we cover why in this article. 

Picture 1. Web and mobile outsourcing to Ukraine.


Skilled talent pool

Across Ukraine, there is an extensive talent pool, thanks to the focus in the education system on technical and highly-skilled subjects, such as software development, engineering, IT, maths, physics, data-related topics, and other specialisms. Students tend to graduate from universities in the big cities, such as Kyiv, Lviv, and Kharkiv.

Universities in Ukraine with technical subjects and departments often work closely with the tech sector too. There are spin-off companies, incubators, a variety of work experience options, and a close pipeline of talent flowing into hundreds of software development companies, often competing for the best graduates.

Every year, around 15,000 new software specialists and engineers graduate. Overall, the talentpool in Ukraine currently numbers 160,000 IT and software professionals. Many also have specialist IT skills, such as Big Data, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Within this talent pool, as we’ve mentioned in other articles, there are at least 15,000 that specialise in Ruby on Rails (RoR), and a further 22,000 with Python skills. Of course, many developers are skilled in more than one language and have extensive experience with numerous frameworks, tools, and databases. 

Picture 2. Ukraine technical talent pool.


Strong work ethic

Developers in Ukraine are often highly-motivated, with a strong customer/client focus, and are keen to deliver according to project expectations. A strong work ethic is something outsourcing web and mobile development clients find consistently with development agencies and providers in Ukraine.

It’s also why so many large US and international tech companies, such as Samsung, Siemens, Ericsson, Yandex, Magento, and Huawei have based R&D offices in the Ukraine. These aren’t outsourced, but Ukraine-based offices for these and numerous other large companies that need the development capacity and skills of those in Ukraine.

Alongside knowing multiple coding languages, developers in Ukraine often know several languages too. Especially those who interact with clients, which are the majority that work within dedicated outsourced teams. Most developers learn at school, or pick up at university Russian and English too, alongside their native Ukrainian. Not only is this impressive, but this really helps them work with international clients.

Language barriers can cause serious problems when working on software projects, due to the overall complexity and number of questions that often need to be asked during the development phase. Also, it helps that when working with developers and agencies in Ukraine that they are more upfront about project timescales, costs and expectations. This makes it easier to work together, and is one of the reasons so many international clients outsource work over the long-term and appreciate the dedication to ongoing professional collaboration. 


Extensive outsourcing experience

In Ukraine, you will probably struggle to find a company that hasn’t done work for clients in the US, Europe, UK and often further afield, such as Australia. Around 80% of IT work being outsourced to Ukraine comes from those countries, and the majority of that work is off-shored from the US to partners companies of all sizes rely on for long-term IT and technical support.

At times, senior developers and account managers, even business owners will travel to meet clients overseas. Or those same clients will come to Ukraine to meet the developers in-person. Naturally not much of that has happened recently, but it’s likely to resume in 2022. 

Picture 3. Ukrainian outsourcing experience.


Reliable mobile and app development partners

Companies around the world can rely on developers and agencies in Ukraine. For years now, clients have trusted LaSoft to develop consistently excellent web and mobile projects. Software and app development is often delivered by LaSoft developers working as an outsourced extension of in-house teams.

At LaSoft, we have the skills and experiences you need for developing web and mobile applications. These include UX/UI design overhaul, web development, and the creation of analytics dashboards. Dashboard and database experience is invaluable for those wanting more complex applications, especially when analytics plays a role in the application.

With our distributed development model, you will get value-for-money and long-term support. We always start with a project specification and discover exactly what a client needs. This is followed by mapping out expectations and a project timescale, which also ensures the right price can be quoted, encompassing all of the features a web or mobile application needs.

As thousands of companies know around the world, you can rely on development agencies and dedicated outsourcing agencies, such as LaSoft. We provide excellent service, and dedicated teams to develop the web and mobile applications you need.

Picture 4. Reliable mobile and web development partner.


LaSoft: Your web and mobile development agency. We are a technology partner you can trust. Get more information today. LaSoft provides a wide range of services, including web and mobile development, product design, management and quality assurance.

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