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Streamlining Development Teams for a Swiss Telecommunication Leader

Read how LaSoft helped a Swiss Telecommunication leader optimize time and costs by streamlining their development teams. Through a long-term cooperation, LaSoft provided experienced development teams, managed administrative tasks, and fostered constant collaboration. Discover the partnership results and ongoing commitment to delivering top-notch digital solutions.

Company Background

Our client is a Swiss Telecommunication national leader that provides a wide range of mobile subscription services, prepay SIM cards, Internet, and home TV services, and offers the sale of technological devices.

Dedicated teams

Business Challenge

Our client faced several challenges, including the recruitment, management, and accounting of multiple development teams for various digital projects, which was time-consuming and costly. To address this challenge, the client sought a long-term cooperation vendor that could provide access to experienced development teams.

Project description

We started cooperating with the Ruby on Rails dedicated team on an ongoing project. The team worked with product owners on two sub-projects using the scrum methodology. They received tasks on a Jira board and logged the work time for the day. LaSoft’s developers also collaborated with in-house developers on a joint project. As a vendor, LaSoft never requested access to the tasks board but was an administrative manager and handled 1-on-1s, timesheets, invoices, coordinating days off, hiring new people, reviewing/raising salaries, and processing requests. Everything was managed except for employee task management.

The senior developers proved to be multifunctional professionals, which led to the client’s request to assemble two more dedicated development teams in a few months. Today, the cooperation includes three dedicated teams working on Vanilla JS, React JS, Angular JS, Java, Ruby on Rails, and PHP technologies. LaSoft’s dedication to providing high-quality dedicated developers, caring about client data security, taking care of all administrative issues, and recruiting and hiring specialists with a three-level screening process has resulted in transparent processes for the client, disciplined team management, and constant contact and exchange of insights with colleagues.

Partnership results

We have created 3 teams working with 6 modern technologies.
Also, with the help of an administrative project manager, we removed all the tasks of managing and accounting for development teams. It helped the client to optimize time and costs, but most importantly, to focus on developing and launching innovations to the market.

Today we continue cooperating with the Swiss telecommunication leader to provide the best digital solutions in our daily work!

Dedicated teams

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