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Author: Vlad Kononchuk

Embracing Change: Exploring the Transformative Trends Reshaping the InsurTech Landscape

We are witnessing rapid business environment changes as technological advancements have significantly accelerated in recent years. This acceleration has compelled many companies, including insurers, to reassess their priorities and embrace transformation. The initial implementation of technical solutions serves as a precursor to the imminent change awaiting all players in the insurance market. Insurtech is still heavily underinvested compared with other industries of similar sizes, such as Mobility, Food, and Health. Source: Insurance market size based on GWP According to

Streamlining Development Teams for a Swiss Telecommunication Leader

Read how LaSoft helped a Swiss Telecommunication leader optimize time and costs by streamlining their development teams. Through a long-term cooperation, LaSoft provided experienced development teams, managed administrative tasks, and fostered constant collaboration. Discover the partnership results and ongoing commitment to delivering top-notch digital solutions.