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Beetroot’s Event Highlights Impact Culture and Unveils 2022 Sustainability Report

Beetroot, an international ecosystem of individuals, companies, and organizations operating in Tech and Education, has announced its upcoming online event, “Navigating Uncertainty: How Impact-Driven Culture Builds Resilience.” This event will showcase the power of fostering an impact culture in the face of challenges, and it is set to take place on June 1, 2023. LaSoft, a partner company of Beetroot, is thrilled to give support to this initiative.

During the event, Andreas Flodström, CEO and co-founder of Beetroot, will deliver an introductory presentation, providing valuable insights into Beetroot’s journey throughout 2022. He will specifically highlight the company’s remarkable resilience during the Russian full-scale war against Ukraine and the free world, emphasizing how an impact-driven culture played a vital role in creating positive change amidst adversity. Andreas will draw from the Beetroot Sustainability Report 2022, sharing the strategies and initiatives that enabled Beetroot to successfully navigate challenges and make a meaningful difference.

Andreas Flodström expressed his appreciation for the support received from LaSoft and other fantastic clients and partners, which helped Beetroot expand its ecosystem to Bulgaria, Poland, and Moldova, while also strengthening its presence in the U.S. market.

The Beetroot Sustainability Report 2022 showcases several key highlights that demonstrate the positive impact generated by the Beetroot ecosystem. Despite the hardships faced by the Ukrainian team, the Beetroot ecosystem contributed to a total economic impact of $56.7 million, marking a 20% increase. Additionally, through the Beetroot Aid for Ukraine Fund, supported by nearly 600 donors, significant humanitarian aid, education, and community restoration efforts were made. Over 50 grassroots initiatives have empowered approximately 8,000 individuals to rebuild their lives and communities.

Furthermore, Beetroot Academy provided over 800 scholarships to individuals from vulnerable communities. These scholarships equipped them with valuable tech skills and opportunities for personal growth. In total, the Beetroot ecosystem, supported by LaSoft and other partners, contributed to the creation of 4,500 employment opportunities, both directly and indirectly.

In its commitment to environmental sustainability, Beetroot sponsored the planting of 10,000 trees in de-occupied regions, aiming to offset its carbon footprint and restore the Ukrainian ecosystem damaged by the war.

Following the presentation, an engaging panel discussion will take place, featuring esteemed industry experts. The panelists, such as Konstantin Vasyuk, Executive Director at IT Association Ukraine, Alina Konovalchenko, Director of Operations at UN Global Compact Ukraine, and Dominique Piotet, co-founder and CEO of Team4Humanity, will share their perspectives on social change practices within organizations. They will address strategies for fostering an impact-driven culture, overcoming integration challenges, and exploring successful collaborations and partnerships that drive positive change and resilience.

To reserve a spot at the Navigating Uncertainty event and learn more about Beetroot’s sustainability efforts please visit the Beetroot website. Additionally, you can access the comprehensive 2022 Sustainability Report for detailed insights into the initiatives undertaken by Beetroot to create a lasting impact in the tech and education sectors.

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