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E-signatures solutions discovery (part 1)

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The e-signature solutions high-level overview

Following APIs allow Developers to create applications and integrate programs and software into websites that involve signature embedding functions.

An e-signature API is a set of commands that enable users to create, share, and verify digital platforms’ signatures.

The information was taken from following source: Top 7 Best eSignature APIs & Alternatives (2021) | RapidAPI

For more information it is recommended to follow the links inside of the article to see the open source results (registration to rapidapi is required).

Funding History

This table describes how much money was raised and who was the main investor.

Acquisition History

History of main services acquisitions.

Products Offering

What exactly do the services offer?

Most of the platforms are oriented to the small, mid, and enterprise markets.


Compatibility of applications with specific platforms.

Feedback: G2

Number of reviews on the G2 platform:

5 – positive

4 – good

3 – neutral

2 – bad

1 – very bad.

Feedback: Capterra

Number of reviews on the Capterra platform.

Feedback: Ease of User

The number of application usage reviews.

Feedback: Customer Service

The number of reviews on receiving service from the platforms.

Feedback: Features

Received feedback on the functionality.

Feedback: Value for Money

Features value for money.

Growth Rate

Traffic data from SimilarWeb.

API Subscription Plans

The price plans for that services.

API Libraries

API connection is possible to all web services. Do third-party services have the ability to communicate with them through the API using different programming languages.


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