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YouMe.Social is a new social network. You are welcome to sign up and enjoy all its features.

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Home page

On the Home page, you see all your friends' and followers' posts. Just like the post, comment or share it.


Discover page

Discover page has every public post of YouMe Social. You can find the most significant details based on your own interests.


My Profile

My profile includes all your posts, posts where you are mentioned, your photos, photos where you are mentioned, contact and basic info.


Groups and Collections

Groups and Collections pages allow you to discover and join different communities:
public, restricted and private.


Groups can have many users and anyone can post

At the same time, there are several roles within a group:
Owner - a registered user who created it.
Moderator - a user who can edit, delete posts and ban members.
User - can create posts, comment and like.


Collection has one owner, and the only owner can make posts

Just use Filters for category and group (collection) type, sort by popularity or date created, so that you can find a necessary group (collection) very easily. Check the communities that are being followed by you and recommended ones.



Search function allows you to find what you are looking for. You need to type the wording, the platform suggests the autofill.

Personal and Business pages

You can have personal and business pages in one account.



The platform notifies you about updates: new comments, replies, tags, likes. So that you always keep your ear to the ground.



Each registered user has access to a messenger feature. Use a messenger to communicate with your friends and followers, receive a notification about new messages, create conversations.

Post and Polls

Use YouMe.Social to create posts: upload images, videos, add polls and set its deadline. Images and videos make your posts more attractive and encourage users to like and comment. Online polls are a way of estimating public opinion.


Mobile designs


Coming soon products

We are excited to announce new products’ development:
YMS Photos, YMS Mail and YMS Telegram

And more to come

We bring ideas to life

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