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First impression

Initially a lot of startups have a very limited funds to visualize their idea. However, a first impression is very important and has a long lasting effect. If you catch investors or potential users with a design that attracts, they are more likely to overlook and forgive you other minor issues.

Additionally, after positive first impression people are more likely to give you better rates, they trust the service more and more likely to return again and again.

How it works?


You tell us your story

We would love to hear your story and learn your vision so that to understand needs and challenges. It is essential for us to understand your problem and prepare a proper solution.


We create a sample page

You will have a chance to see a sample page to both of us make sure that we are moving in the right way. After the sample page approving, we will be able to deliver a more insightful version.


We modify the page according to suggestions

As soon as we agree on the best version of the page, we will modify and improve it based on your preferences.


We create all other pages

We use the best in class tools for communication and collaboration, where you can easily interact with a designer, receive notifications as soon as a new design is ready, comment and share results with your team and potential clients.


  • check Savings during a development stage
  • check Better look and feel of your product
  • check Improved credibility
  • check More happy users
  • check More impressed investors


  • check A better understanding of the product and its structure
  • check 5-7 pages of your product
  • check Professional user interface
  • check Clickable prototype without any coding
  • check More productive and efficient development team
Matvey Smirnov
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This is a young, energetic and yet very experienced team which demonstrated an extremely professional approach.

Matvey Smirnov

Senior R&D Director, Global Productivity Platform at PepsiCo

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