Dedicated PHP Developers

Trustpicked talented, experienced PHP developers are ready to work and support your system and implement new or ongoing projects.

We use a structured and tested approach to build professional, long-term PHP developers teams or offer single PHP developers for our partners.

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Olesya Vasylchenko — a Dedicated Team memberSerhii Korshun — a Dedicated Team memberDima Bilyk — a Dedicated Team memberNatalia Semenova — a Dedicated Team memberYuriy Leskiv — a Dedicated Team memberVasyl Varkholyak — a Dedicated Team member

We accompany you along the way

LaSoft dedicated PHP developers service helps our clients find fast ideal PHP developers for different time cooperation. So we hire, train, and organize top talent and offer our engineering services worldwide.

Due to almost 10 years of experience providing IT services worldwide, from the US to Saudi Arabia, and transparent, sustainable processes, we understand how important our customers are to work with professional PHP developers teams that perform well.

A dedicated PHP developers' service model works better for someone looking for staff augmentation by talented professionals for planned or ongoing projects.

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How to hire a PHP Developer with LaSoft?

We use a structured and tested approach to build professional, long-term PHP developer teams or for single hiring.

  1. Define your need

    A short free meeting where we talk about your needs: a short brief at this stage will help us suggest candidates who best fit your needs.

  2. Review Top Candidates

    Our Engagement manager provides you with profiles of suitable candidates who are the best fit. Most of the top candidates were already employed and tested by LaSoft.

  3. Sign a Contract

    We agree on the team composition, monthly cost, and payment terms at this stage. As soon as the contract is signed, we plan a kick‑off meeting.

  4. Development kick‑off

    The kick‑off meeting is the first step to adapting your new team to your current process. We will organize the meeting and help you to define and communicate The Scope of Work, Main Deadlines, and Communication Channels.

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We are trusted by

  • Calvin Klein
  • s.Oliver
  • Hugo Boss

LaSoft Talent

We use a structured and tested approach to build a professional, long-term dedicated team for our partners.

  • Get a decent experience in building world-class projects

    We create teams of professional developers building complex software for IT solutions worldwide. More than that, we constantly improve employees' professional skills with the help of mentorship, a peer-to-peer approach, and our own IT academy.

  • Well-screened

    A decent approach to picking top candidates allows us to hire the best candidates on the market. Engineers pass a 3‑level screening process to get hired, where our experts check their interpersonal, communication, English, and technical skills.

  • We speak good English

    We take pride not only in the high level of technology languages. All our employees have good English skills and communicate with clients directly daily. We support the level with company-based English language courses free of charge for our employees.

  • Get to know standard software development approaches and tools

    Working with international clients for nearly 10 years, we have gained excellent experience using modern software tools and processes such as scrum and agile development. The adaptation process of our team members usually takes little time.

  • Stay with a company long‑term

    On average, employees stay in the company for 3 years. We are proud to say that our staff turnover is very low.

Technologies We Use

We use a structured and tested approach to build a professional, long-term dedicated team for our partners.


    Can be chosen in accordance with your business needs or preferences

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      We are a nearshore technology partner for our clients — this means that we build trusting, long-term relationships, specializing in nearshore outsourcing.

      Dedicated software development team
      Our clients often recommend us to others, and this is a good indicator of our services.

      We can develop truly great products by working together to implement IT solutions.

      We measure our relationships with our clients in years, and the average length of our business relationships ranges from 1 year to infinity. The same is true for our employees, as we build long-term relationships with our employees (average tenure is about 3 years) to create stable professional teams.

      Try new ways of working, powered by trusted partnerships.

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