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What is minutes depot Application?

Minutes is Online Bookkeeping solution for Corporate market. The Solution helps to move all internal documentation online in a PDF format with following benefits:

  • Respect the highest security standards in the industry
  • Unlimited number of collaborators on a minute book
  • Manage collaborator permission for reading or writing
  • Smart Transaction Management
  • Complete history of each operation
  • Flexible Billing Module
  • Multiplatform Access
  • Daily Backup
Online Bookkeeping solution for corporate market

Minutes Depot Features

Manage Shareholders, Officers and Directors

Lists can be modified in the Minutes Depot interface and can be linked to related documents, such as an officer’s acceptance of a role or a resignation, if applicable.

Share Management Made Easy

The share management interface makes the issuance, transfer, or buyback of shares easy. Your share certificates are kept up to date and available at all times.

Our Document Generator Wizard

Answer a few questions and the Minutes Depot Document Generator Wizard will take care of filling out all the sections and documents of the minute book. However, if you prefer to use your own templates, you have the option to skip the document generator.

Essential Sharing Tool

Minutes Depot is an easy way to share your minute book with professionals, associates, partners and investors. Share in just seconds by entering the person’s name and email address and an invitation is sent out. You can control access by specifying an expiration date or by limiting access to documents in read-only mode. If necessary, you can require that documents be approved by a trusted user/book administrator before they can be added to the corporate record.

Practical Reminders and Notifications

With reminders, you will never miss an important date, such as the completion of an annual filing. In addition, Minutes Depot will send you email notifications when one of your associates modifies the minute book.

Your Data is Secure

Because of the type of service we offer, the management team at Minutes Depot is very aware of the importance of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information in your minute book. By working in partnership with globally-recognized leaders, Minutes Depot is able to maintain the highest security standards in the industry.


With Minutes Depot’s permanent detailed records, the history section of your minute book lets you see any modifications, who made them, and when they were made.

Electronic Signature

No need to bring in your managers, partners, or associates to sign documents. With Minutes Depot, just place the document on the platform and request a signature from each person. They will each receive 2 unique key codes, one by email and the other by SMS. The combination of these two key codes with his or her login will verify the person’s identity.

Paperless Board of Directors

Simplify the management of your meetings. Minutes Depot’s Paperless Board of Directors can manage the complete cycle: meeting invitations, creation of agenda, drafting of minutes of proceedings, approvals, and signatures. The platform strictly controls the accuracy of the information present throughout the cycle.

An Intuitive Search Tool

The search tool lets you find any document in your minute book in seconds. Whether you’re searching by description, date, or even content, it’s easy to find any document generated by the platform.

developer`s insight

“It was a very interesting experience working with PDF file. In this application, we are able not only to load the PDF files but also to modify them. The team had the task to choose the most convenient library for processing PDF. We have implemented a possibility to edit the file before downloading using WYSIWYG-editor. Also, we have implemented a Wizard which allows the user to create almost all the basic components in one module in a few steps. Also, the Wizard have created two opposite issues for the developer. On the one hand, it had to be as simple as possible for the end users and also consist of a few steps. On the other hand, it had to contain a large amount of functionality in one small module. That was not an easy task.”

Olena Ohranchuk, Back-end developer

“While working on MinutesDepot project our team faced a lot of interesting and challenging tasks. For me, it was a very valuable and exciting experience to create dynamic dashboards for user and administrator. User's dashboard dynamically collects all necessary data from a database and provides a user with a real-time information about his/her smart digital book and all the required actions. Administrator's dashboard allows a customer to have visual representation of operational information about sales and gain, which identifies trends, measures efficiencies and makes more informed decisions. While implementing dashboard we used JS libraries to build graphs and info-tables on the fly, depending on the time period and other filters.”

Taras Haiduchyk, Back-end developer


While working on a project all team really cared about our project and our needs. We recommend them without doubts to anyone looking for high quality and professional programming for the reasonable price.

Louis Bedard

Co Founder at Minutes Depot

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