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Kamsa helps companies pay employees competitively against the market seamlessly.

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Client & Product

Before cooperation with LaSoft, the Cultivate People consultants worked directly with B2B clients. They worked with various tools and programs to provide excellent customer service. However, this approach took a lot of time and resources. In addition, it was detrimental to the business scaling. It was a business pain.


Cultivate People is a Management Consulting firm that works in the HR industry, and helps its clients to simplify the annual salary reviews and compensation process. With the help of consultants' expertise, professional tools, and worldwide big data on salaries, every employee of the client can get a fair salary for their work.

Kamsa closes the complex gaps in compensation, so clients can focus on running their businesses. Kamsa helps companies pay employees competitively against the market seamlessly.

Therefore, the founder of Cultivate People, Lola Khan, decided to develop a digital platform that would reduce service delivery time and become a starting point for scaling the company without increasing staff (consultants). The digital platform was called “Kamsa” and LaSoft build it!

Product Challenge

The company's founder contacted us with a request to create a product design. After finishing the design stage of the platform, she decided to continue working with LaSoft in developing the platform.

The main challenge was:


To develop custom software with a world-class design, that would give a fair assessment of the employee's work and predict a fair salary based on their performance, evaluation system, and big data on salaries worldwide.

client + product
+ developers

During the product development, the team worked closely with the client. This collaboration at an early stage increased success in the late development phase and made a unique UX and UI design of the platform.

We tested hypotheses in 3 stages:

Inside the LaSoft team
Inside the “Cultivate people” team
With real users

As a result

The approach of testing product features significantly reduced the final project budget. The product consists entirely of usable features only.

The job was done

Our highly productive team created and developed the product from scratch to an all-in-one strategic compensation management platform for base salary, total cash, and equity.

Sales teamSales team
Business AnalystsBusiness Analysts
Project ManagersProject Managers
Product DesignersProduct Designers
Frontend developersFrontend developers
Back-end developersBack-end developers
Back-end developersBack-end developers
QA specialistsQA specialists

Implemented features

We have developed the main functionality into one application.

Integration of real–time database + Data aggregation

The product's core value is salary data for thousands of positions in dozens of countries. Previously, the data were updated from different sources and had various forms, so we unified this data and made the update process automatic.

Integration of real–time database + Data aggregationIntegration of real–time database + Data aggregationIntegration of real–time database + Data aggregation

Automatic management of reviews

Users can independently (without consultants) conduct salary reviews using the product. By entering their data, uploading points, and calculating the value of the salary review, the platform independently predicts an appropriate salary level for each employee.

Even if the HR manager raises the salary by a specific amount, the system will inform whether such amount will correspond to the realities of the market in which the company operates and for this particular position with its functionality.

Automatic management of reviewsAutomatic management of reviews

Integration with other HR systems

To avoid abandoning users' previous developments, we have developed an API for connecting to various HR systems. This solution allowed uploading of data for calculations and greatly simplified the work of HR managers.

Integration with other HR systemsIntegration with other HR systemsIntegration with other HR systems

Smart user management

The salary review process requires approval from different employees, from the HR manager to the financial manager and CEO. Therefore, we have developed several types of system users so that decisions are made quickly.

Smart user managementSmart user management

App Architecture

The custom software development started in 2019 with several small and significant updates. Therefore, we have been updating and improving the software architecture to ensure it best achieves the client's goals.

Monolith application

Monolith application

We have developed the main functionality into one application.



We integrated third-party API using micro–services that reduced the load of the main server.

Real–time big data

Real–time big data

We used web sockets for big data live working. Users can edit big data at the same time as others.

Product Development Outcomes

Cultivate people continue to be a successful organization that started as a start-up from Google accelerator and, in 2022 entered the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing US companies.

With “Kamsa”, companies reduced the time for determining the salary from 1.5 months to 1–2 weeks, and the company “Cultivate People” was able to move to a qualitative way of business scaling.

CTO Kamsa Matt Harbes

“We’ve worked with LaSoft for several years and are continually impressed. Their passion and dedication to Kamsa is second to none, and they are always looking for new ways to improve and ensure the success of our team. We couldn’t ask for a better partnership.”Matt Harbes, CTO of Kamsa