Service that covers a lot of the marketing needs of small and medium businesses in data. Target auditory of Dope360 is small and medium businesses that mostly have phone call leads. So Dope360 will provide call tracking service from the third-party partner, additional data about call leads and functionality to create, customize and send postcards to any person in the USA, and build your own yard signs, place it on the map. The system is integrated with a number of external services.



Users of Dope360 have the opportunity to organize in advance campaigns to send postcards with the necessary information \ greetings \ special offers to their existing and potential clients, partners. Postcards will be guaranteed and targeted delivery. That is, it is an opportunity to reduce the time to organize mailing by creating a campaign separately and efficient use of funds because we send only to verified addresses.


We also solve the problem of analyzing the efficiency of your yards and collecting data from potential customers.


  • Mongo

    Mongo DB

  • Node-JS

    Node JS

  • React

    React JS


Contacts & Lists

The user is able to upload a list with his contacts (customers, friends and etc). Contact addresses will be checked for validity, so that postcards will be 100% delivered correctly. Based on the received calls to the indicated numbers, contact lists will be created for further targeted use.



There is a possibility to send a custom postcard User can choose from numerous available templates and use a postcard builder for customizing accordingly to the personal needs: changed predefined postcards (upload images, logos, change text, colors and etc.). And send a Postcard accordingly to the selected list using printing and mailing service.

Yard Signs printing service

User has options to select size, amount and type of Yard Sign (One-sided, two-sided) and connect a tracking number.



Users can also place marketing products, on the map for incoming data analyzing, either bought in the system and created outside of a Dope360.


Call tracking functionality

Dope360 is an online tracking tool for marketing campaigns and advertising where customers use a call tracking number to track their audience and enrich this audience with metadata like income, household, address and house ownership (+many more).

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