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Call Listening Company includes a dashboard solution for call quality assurance agencies. Thanks to this dashboard system, call centers will be provided with actionable data and results obtained by monitoring every customer interaction.



Real people listen to and evaluate your calls, while combining transcription and keyword flagging to bring you the best of both worlds using a cost effective and detail oriented QA call center monitoring approach.



The complex of modules to display accurate information for a selected date range and a comparison period that you can set up individually according to your own requirements.

Screenshot of dashboard

NI Dashboard

It's no secret that some prospects are not interested. The analysis of these calls is even more important than others. The NI dashboard shows the full call detail information in order to reduce the amount of NI calls in the future.

Screenshot of nidashboard


The notification dashboard is used for clients to review the most problematic call scenarios.

Screenshot of the notification dashboard

Mini Review

Accurate information with each record's details, review and notification comments.


Mini Review

A transcribed audio record shows which phrases were banned and required to use during the call. It allows you to select the calls most likely to have a problem.



A training dashboard for a certain scorecard where a user can answer the questions differently and see how the score changes. The user may choose the appropriate type of questions he wants to practice on.



In order to reduce search time the user may use a wide range of filters.



Coaching Queue

Choose the roles you want to be able to see the list of agents who need coaching.


Agent Ranking

Knowing your agents rank in comparison to one another allows you to gauge agent performance and quickly identify averages and outliers within your call center.


Top Missed Points

Identifying your agents most frequently missed points generates instant opportunities for coaching and performance feedback. Track these changes over time to see that your coaching is effective!


Group Performance

List of groups organized by level of performance.


Campaign Performance

List of campaigns to analyze their level of performance of each group.


Calls Left

It helps review the list of scorecards and calls that are pending.


Section Scores

The list of questions within each section to see the low score and increase it by changing the questions.



Employees can check their effectiveness by date range and scorecard.



Allows you to send new features you want to remind to clients.

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