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    Blue Manor Academy
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Child is studding with Blue Manor Academy
  • Client & Product

    Blue Manor Academy is an interactive educational web platform for homeschooling preschoolers, elementary, and middle school students. It operates on a subscription-based model.

    Our client, Britton, is the founder and the director of BMA. As a father of multiple children, he sought a comprehensive solution to enhance their preschool education and boost their learning motivation. Additionally, Britton aimed to address the issue of students lacking the drive to engage in their studies. Often, parents cannot afford the best educational institutions, and teachers may lack motivation due to inadequate compensation.

    In light of these challenges, Britton began creating BMA. This platform aims to assist parents in managing their children's education effectively while fostering a higher level of self-motivation among students through an interactive learning format.

    Cheerful family
  • Request

    Briton expressed dissatisfaction with the code quality and performance of the web platform following their engagement with a previous vendor.

    The code was filled with temporary solutions that didn't work well, slowed down the page speed several times, and, most importantly, made it impossible to scale the product.

    Because of this, they reached out to LaSoft. Our collaboration began with a focus on enhancing the technical aspects: conducting a code review, performing refactoring, and updating data libraries. We undertook the migration from a monolithic application to microservices and this transformation rendered the platform well-equipped for future expansion.


    The client expressed contentment with the caliber and professionalism of our work, leading them to choose LaSoft as the primary vendor for the ongoing development of the educational platform.

    • Migration From Monolith to Microservices

      Effectively designed and implemented microservices offer solutions to common issues encountered in monolithic architecture. These include challenges related to system scalability, sluggish delivery processes, and the complexities of identifying and verifying defects. In a monolithic structure, the codebase is usually tightly coupled and interconnected, making it difficult to troubleshoot, modify, or scale individual components.

      The entire application is deployed as a single unit, which can make it difficult to roll out fixes, minor adjustments, or new features without affecting the entire system. Testing, debugging, and conducting maintenance on the system can be even more challenging, as changes made to one part of the system can potentially impact other parts of the application.

      System scalability faces several challenges if a monolithic architecture is used because it contains all functionalities within a single code base. The entire application must be scaled as requirements change. Microservices are an architectural approach to building and deploying software applications that involves breaking down an application into smaller, independent services that can be developed, deployed, and maintained separately. Microservices applications are more resilient thanks to independent deployment and loose coupling if compared to tight coupling in monolith applications.

      Schema of monolithic architectureSchema of microservices
    • Study Program

      The study program at Blue Manor Academy is structured into three distinct levels:

      • Kindergarten
      • Preschool
      • Grade School (up to 8th grade)

      Each level offers a unique curriculum that goes beyond the traditional subjects typically taught in educational institutions.

      To foster student engagement and active participation, the educational material is presented in an interactive format. Students have access to a wide range of activities, games, clubs, and online classroom resources. This approach encourages a dynamic and immersive learning experience, making education enjoyable and stimulating for students at every level.

      Steps of study program
  • How was the job done?

    Our highly qualified team took the system to the next level and developed all new features following the engagement process.

    • Define opportunities and solutions for a business

    • New UI/UX ConceptDesign

    • Solution Architect

    • UI/UX Concept Implementation System refactoring and migration to a new microservice architectureSystem maintenance and continuous improvement

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      Project Manager
    • UI/UX Designer
    • Solution Architect
    • Front-end Developer
      Front-end Developer
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      Back-end Developer
    • DevOps
    • QA specialist
      QA specialist
  • Platform Features

    We have developed the main functionality into one concise web platform.

    • Fairing Dashboard

      Parents are provided with a comprehensive dashboard with clear data visualization, enabling them to track their children's progress effectively. The dashboard presents information in a user-friendly format, facilitating easy monitoring of academic achievements. Plus, there is no limit to the number of children that can be included in the system.

      Screen of a dashboard
    • Kids Teach Kids

      This innovative peer-to-peer video system allows users to assume the roles of both teacher and student. Users can upload instructional videos to their channels and interact with content from other media, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

      Screen of Blue Manor AcademyScreen
    • Customizable Curriculum

      Parents can personalize their children's curriculum according to their specific requirements. They can customize the subjects by incorporating material from different grade levels, ensuring an educational experience tailored to their child's unique needs.

      Screen of a customizable curriculum
    • Admin Panel for Content Management

      We have developed an intuitive admin panel that simplifies content management tasks. The board empowers content managers to populate the platform with educational materials and add new jobs, ensuring a seamless user experience.

      Screen of an admin panel
    • Convenient Library

      Our platform features a user-friendly library, offering a vast collection of books categorized by grade level, literary genres, and authors. This organization facilitates quick and easy access to the desired resources, supporting a seamless learning journey.

      Screen of a libraryScreen of a library

    Our platform features a user-friendly library, offering a vast collection of books categorized by grade level, literary genres, and authors. This organization facilitates quick and easy access to the desired resources, supporting a seamless learning journey.

  • Gamification of Learning

    We developed gamification within the training modules to improve the results of users' knowledge acquisition.

    • Memorization Game

      We designed an engaging internal training game to enhance users' memory skills. Through interactive exercises and challenges, this game effectively promotes memory improvement.

    • Genius Game

      The Genius game is an internal educational format that expands users' vocabulary. Through fun and interactive activities, this game helps users enhance their word knowledge and language skills.

    • Challenge Learning System

      Our platform incorporates a challenge learning system, enabling users to create and participate in various challenges. Users can upload challenges in video, audio, or picture formats, fostering a collaborative and interactive learning environment. This feature encourages users to share their knowledge and skills while supporting and engaging with challenges created by others.

    • Puzzle Game

      The Puzzle Game is an internal educational format that enhances users' memory capabilities. Users can sharpen their memory skills by engaging in puzzle-based activities while enjoying an interactive learning experience.

    These gamified elements aim to make the learning process more engaging, enjoyable, and practical, providing users with opportunities to enhance their cognitive abilities and acquire knowledge in a fun and interactive manner.


    Today, the Blue Manor Academy platform remains in a state of continuous evolution, consistently expanding its content offerings. During the COVID-19 lockdown, the web application experienced a substantial surge in popularity. With current data indicating that approximately 9-11% of all students in the United States are enrolled in online schools, Blue Manor Academy finds itself positioned in a large market with a significant potential user base.

    Blue Manor Academy boasts several hundred active users, demonstrating the platform's growing influence and success in providing a valuable educational resource to students and parents alike.