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Terms: Feb 2015 - Jun 2016

customer’s country: belgium

What is Compuzz Dashboard Application?

Compuzz Dashboard Application is a shared platform that enables real-time communication between resellers and production units. It also is a Product Configurator.

What problems does Compuzz Dashboard Application help to solve?

  • Connection between Supplier`s Available Stock Data & Compuzz Stock Database
  • Connection between Supplier`s Pricing Definition & Compuzz Price Database
  • Managing Print Areas
  • Enables the Reseller to have access to the actual pricing of a Product, Imprint Possibility, Scale Price Definition
  • Connection between Supplier`s Order Status & Compuzz Track and Trace Database
  • To have a base of:
    1. Actual Order Status
    2. Order History
    3. Expected Delivery Date
    4. Request of Shipping Information on the Delivery Service Provider
Developer’s insight

Developer’s insight

When you start a new project you should never start from scratch, there are many things that will usually remain the same and this rule applies to many different projects.

We use Marionette.js + Backbone Boilerplate template because it organizes an application with a logical file structure. Also it develops your Models/Collections/Views/Routers inside modules and builds efficient code that will not bottleneck your users.

Existing boilerplates freely modify Backbone core, lack of build process, and are very prescriptive. The Backbone Boilerplate is a way of organizing a web application with some opinionated defaults: such as Backbone, Lodash (Underscore.js compatibility build), jQuery, RequireJS, Bower, Grunt, Karma, and the HTML5 Boilerplate styles. Also, it supports the following testing tools: QUnit, Jasmine, and Mocha with Chai.

We use SASS to create CSS styles because it uses a Ruby compiler that can break your styles into multiple separate sheets and then incorporate them into one “style.css”. It is much easier to work with Color Scheming using SASS because it provides you with variables that you can use for the entire project.

Grunt is a task runner, and we use it for repetitive work automation. Once you configured your repetitive tasks through a Gruntfile, it will do the routine work for you. In other words Grunt is an effort optimization tool, it saves our time, and money of our clients.

For Order Process design we created a new look similar to Google Material Design concept with a help of Bootstrap framework. The decision was based on a previous experience using materialize.css. We think that materialize.css is not 100% finalized and is not stable yet. It still needs some time to be battle proven.


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