Chalkboards is a Mobile application + Order management system that helps Restaurants and Pubs to sell more online and keep good relationships with a new generation of customers.

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Terms: Nov 2015 - in progress

customer’s country: USA, california

What is Chalkboards?


  • Your new Chalkboards app is both a website and an app. In the hands of your customers, it behaves like an app. But how will you manage it?
  • You can update your app any time using the powerful and user-friendly backoffice iPad app. No need to call support and wait on hold, your time is precious, we know.
  • Pick the functions you need. A complete suite of included functions (reservations, menus, digital loyalty card, online ordering, etc.) available on demand.
Small businesses always want more loyal customers. Traditionally, a business owner would engage handpicked ‘good’ customers in face-to-face conversation, give the occasional impromptu reward, and encourage them to become loyal customers. Meanwhile, a street-side chalkboard promoted their business. Times have changed.

Product Owner’s insight

Customers love to discover and shop on the smartphone. But they are unlikely to install an app for an individual small business and even if they do, they won’t use often enough. So how can a small business reach them? Currently, the only path is via some mega-app (say, Groupon), where the mega-app will compete for loyalty to itself.

We take modern mobile technology and adapt it to the unique needs of the small businesses, with an emphasis of reducing the reliance on middlemen mega-apps while increasing more direct interaction. The resulting efficiencies benefit both the owners and their customer.

We create a new path by using emails/text/social sharing and integrate these with the latest in mobile web technologies. The result is a platform that allows a small business to reach customers using good old email/text, present a standardized native app feel, familiar to the end user, and allow the business to build a direct but lightweight relationship with the recipient. This platform also accommodates the various stages of the relationship, from the first time visitor to the loyal customer.

An important aspect of our business model is to make the ‘Chalkboards’ platform a self-service solution. To this end, our Back-office iPad App, allows a business owner to create promotions, coupons, modify catalogues etc. using the DIY approach, saving him time, while saving us costs. In the long run, we expect to be a software tool that small businesses, globally, find essential to their operation and rely on us for all their mobile/e-commerce functions.

Finally, we make this platform fully accessible by the business owner via an easy to use Dashboard, which is completely self-service - essential to keep the costs at a minimum for our customers.

Alamgir Farouk CEO at Chalkboards

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