Multi-function point-of sale with built-in email/text marketing tools, mobile ordering, check-in via credit card swipe, and much more

About the app

As a small business owner, you have to wear many hats and take care of many things all day. Chalkboards was designed with you in mind. The small business owners have a very limited time, so Chalkboards’ point-of-sale has a built-in back-office functionality, that is intuitive, easy to use and simple. Users can download the app from the app store and click on one of the 'demo' buttons and you can pretend you are a business owner. Give it a try, see for yourself how easy it is.
The Chalkboards app is both a website and an app. In the hands of customers, it behaves like an app. But how will business owners manage it? Users can update their app any time using the powerful and user-friendly backoffice iPad app. No need to call support and wait on hold, your time is precious, we know. Pick the functions that needed. A complete suite of included functions (reservations, menus, digital loyalty card, online ordering, etc.) available on demand.

Users can build a route from their current location to the selected place to eat. This feature helps users to choose the best way so that to reach a final destination.

By choosing a location, users get a list of the most highly rated places with additional information about upcoming events, discounts or loyalty programs.

Complete information about the particular place will display on the screen with all related details.

About the company

Chalkboards is a new multi-function point-of sale with built-in email/text marketing tools, mobile ordering, check-in via credit card swipe, and much more. Chalkboards offer powerful technologies, tamed to serve you, in one neat package. No need to call support and wait on hold, your time is precious, we know. Pick the functions that needed. A complete suite of included functions (reservations, menus, digital loyalty card, etc.) available on demand.
Small businesses always want more loyal customers. Traditionally, a business owner would engage handpicked ‘good’ customers in face-to-face conversation, give the occasional impromptu reward, and encourage them to become loyal customers. Meanwhile, a street-side chalkboard promoted their business. Times have changed.

New Chalkboards POS

Chalkboards offer an online food ordering application and a POS system in a one. The system can be easily integrated with Ipad, most of the modern POS terminals and receipt printing hardware.

check mark Catalog of products (menu)
check mark SMS / Email marketing
check mark Promotions
check mark Loyalty program
check mark Complete business information
check mark Events
check mark Order management system
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Save money

Long lines turning your customers away? No need to hire an extra person only for those rush hours, just deploy the built-in self-service kiosk.

A true 'standalone' self-service kiosk

If the kiosk runs out of receipt paper, it will send a text message to the manager by itself! And if croissants are all sold-out, you can remotely hide croissants on all your kiosks with a touch of a button, until you get a fresh supply, when you can turn them back on, just as easily.

How does it work?

artboard of self-servise

Increase sales

Increase sales and reduce waste with real-time promotions and email/text notifications. Engage your customers the modern way, on their mobiles.

Marketing and promotion tools are built-in

Inside the store, customers can check-in via credit-card swipe or receipt scan to see loyalty rewards and personalized promos. Outside the store, customers are reached via email/text promotions, composed and sent directly from the point-of-sale.

How does it work?

artboard of sales in-store
artboard of sales out-store

Rapid re-order

Chalkboards e-receipts are interactive. With live clickable promotions, re-order buttons, the humble receipt becomes a marketing tool.

Why send ordinary e-receipts?

Re-order buttons on receipts are a convenient way for customers to save time and re-order when they are in a hurry. E-receipts have active re-order buttons for convenience.

artboard of re-order buttons

Table orders are fully integrated

Order pads look modern, prevent mistakes and unify all orders into one single system. The kitchen knows instantly when a server adds an item. A server can now stay on the floor, helping customers, without having to run back-and-forth. Table orders transmitted to kitchen and point-of-sale system.

artboard of table orders

Painless loyalty

No plastic cards to carry, no app to download. The e-receipt or credit-card swipe is enough.

A loyalty system is built-in

Your customers have a choice, just swipe a credit card or show an old e-receipt to the point-of-sale. No apps, plastic cards, or sign-up required.

artboard of loyalty check-in

Developer’s insight

Front-end Team Lead

When we started working on Chalkboards a front-end part had already been built based on Backbone. Then we decided to use Marionette as a superstructure because this framework solves a lot of typical problems. Additionally, we changed from clear CSS to SAAS and Bootstrap. We’ve created a new design, developed desktop version, new pages, chats, new secure applications based on platforms for health care, and online voting. We've implemented maps navigation, payments by credit cards, and QR code for authentication. So, Chalkboards is a powerful and flexible platform with a quick and reliable API, developed by experienced developers from Palo Alto. The platform allows creating web applications for shops, bars, clinics and other customers, with an ability to flexibly set up interfaces and their appearance, create catalogs, apps navigations, payments by card, and a lot of other features.

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